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A movement of good, fuelled by epic snacks.

3 Amigos

Who wanted to change the world




Mental illness is a global epidemic that no country is immune and it is silently affecting 1 in 2 people. Someone you know is suffering; whether it be a friend, a family member, a co-worker or your bubbly barista. The 3 Amigos joined forces to create Do Good Labs, with a mission to encourage others to bring more light into the lives around them!

As a pharmacist, Daniel (aka The Doctor ) has seen first-hand the amount of people in the community suffering with mental health and the rise of Type 2 Diabetes. After he finished his PhD in Health Leadership at Sydney University, he knew he could do more. He set out on creating a range of epic snacks that are calorie controlled, designed to give you the energy to go forth and #DoGood EVERY day. And so, Dan became our Health Leader.

David (aka The Builder) has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building “better for you” snacks as a consultant for both National and International brands. He has always had a vision of changing the world and building a movement that truly inspires all of us to look after our friends through acts of kindness. He knew that given the right team and the right vessel, the movement would have a voice that would reach the people. And so, Dave built our foundations.

Damon (aka The Aviator) crossed paths with the brothers as a consultant after spending 20 years within the Aviation sector. Damo knew that if we had an engaged audience, we would be one step closer to pulling off the most ambitious and worthy movement Australia has ever seen. And so, Damo took us to the skies!

We invite you to come along for the ride!